Swipe for Facebook




A lightweight and customizable Facebook interface


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Swipe for Facebook is a simple and lightweight Facebook client that lets you comfortably manage your Facebook account. The app basically presents a 'webview' of Facebook where you can do everything you can do from the actual site.

Among the most interesting features Swipe for Facebook offers is the possibility to change the look of the interface, switching between night or day mode. It also offers an organization system for your favorite contacts, giving you a tab with shortcuts to the contacts you visit or talk to the most.

As usual for this type of app, Swipe for Facebook lets you talk directly to any of your Facebook contacts without having Facebook Messenger installed. You can't use any of the app's special features, but you can save a lot of space.

Swipe for Facebook is an excellent alternative Facebook client that lets you save a lot of space on your device. Plus it has a nice user-friendly interface.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher